How long do balloons last?

Helium Filled

Times below based on indoor usage in room temperature environments (68-78 degrees). Heat and humidity are the enemies of helium and balloons. Traveling with balloons may cause undue expansion and other damamging forces like being subjected to sand, sharp objects and hot car exteriors etc. We are not responsible for your actions after we deliver to your desired location.

Treated latex- We treat our indoor use helium filled latex with an internal chemical treatment to minimize the helium seepage. They will float for 2-10 days or more.

Untreated Latex- When filled with helium, a regular size 11" latex balloon will usually last around twelve hours and then start to deflate.

Foil Balloons- A foil  balloon will usually last 3 to 7 days or longer


Air Filled

Airfilled balloons do not suffer from as much air escaping as helium does as the air molecules are larger and escape slower. 11" and higher air filled balloons latex and foils will last from 2 to 30 plus days. The 5" and long twisting balloons will not last as long due to their thinner nature and less air pressure.