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What to expect with outdoor balloon decor

Latex balloons are a natural product and will degrade in an outdoor setting fairly quickly, especially in our extreme heat and humidity. 
We recommend only using outdoor balloons in the late fall through early spring and even then with some caveats. 

We want our balloon installations to look their best for your celebration and we want everyone to be happy, thus expectations might need to be adjusted for outdoor decor.

Sun, Heat & Humidity (aka Florida)
When planning to position balloon decor outside on hot sunny days, you must be aware of several factors. 
  • Balloons will swell and expand in the heat and may cause them to pop.
  • Darker balloon colors will absorb more heat, causing pinholes and popping faster, and are not recommended. 
  • Balloons will oxidize and lose their clarity, but cause a lovely velvet sheen
  • Humidity and dew will make the latex stick together thus causing friction popping due to wind movement
  • Balloons will not usually last more than a few hours or a day in an acceptable condition

Better conditions if they must be outdoors

  • Lighter colors will fair better
  • Balloons that remain in the shade for the full event will fair better
  • Foil balloons will fair better and we can underinflate to accommodate for massive expansion.

  We do our best to minimize the popping by pre-stretching and underinflating. In some cases we even use the next size up balloon and undersize them, but nothing has worked consistently to mitigate the problems. We also use the high quality professional latex balloons. However, due to their nature we do not guarantee how long any outdoor balloon decor will last outdoors. This along with needing sturdier structures and bases is why outdoor deco costs more.

We will not come back to replace any popped balloons. If you need installations to last several days you will need to order a new complete setup for each day.