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Woodland Baby Shower Balloon Chic

🐻 Woodland themed baby showers are so stinking cute!

🦊 This was held at the fabulous Hotel Melby in Melbourne FL. It's the hot new venue for all your celebrations!

We dressed the customer’s backdrop with a large organic balloons garland and placed 6 organic mini columns around the room. They brought lots of accents to add to the balloon decor.

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Woodland Baby Shower Balloon Decor and Backdrop Melbourne FL at Hotel Melby. Sage, Tans and Cameo colored organic balloon garland around a customer's backdrop.

Woodland Baby Shower Organic Balloon Mini Column Melbourne FL at Hotel Melby

Woodland Baby Shower Mini Organic Balloon Column

Woodland Baby Shower Balloon Decor Mini Organic Balloon columns with raccoon balloon on top at the Hotel Melby in Melbourne FL