Holiday Fun!

Here are the Christmas/Winter themed balloon creations we made this year for our customers.

We know it seems like the next December is far away, but it's never too early to get that party planning started. Don't stress in December, call us early to schedule your holiday party and Christmas party balloons and backdrops.

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Organic Style Balloon Garland used as a backdrop for photos. It features red, green white and silver balloons with candy canes, elf, santa and rudolph foil balloons.Organic Style Balloon Column with a Santa balloon on top. It features red, green, white and silver balloons a different sizes to serve as a cute entry piece.

Balloon Candy Cane Sculpture with a foil elf and gold bow.Organic style winter balloon column with white, silver and light blue balloons with a penguin on top with floating snowflake balloon

Christmas Balloon Sculpture Arch with Santa on one side and a Christmas tree on the otherBack side of the Christmas Balloon sculpture Arch with an African American Santa Face